NANASO Help us combat AIDS in Namibia

The Namibia Networks of AIDS Service Organisations (NANASO) is a National network comprising of national networks of AIDS Service Organisations (ASOs). NANASO's supports a 1000-strong affiliate network of AIDS Service Organisations and individuals. Services include Training, Advocacy, Libraries, Distribution hubs, Community fora and networks, building AIDS Competent communities and bridging the gap between local and national, communities.


To bring together communities in a network that facilitates and mobilises change by addressing human rights issues arising in relation to HIV and AIDS. A network that can challenge forms of unfair discrimination on the basis of HIV and AIDS and to deliver a measurable response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic

To provide direct engagement with AIDS service organisations, individuals and stakeholders to address the needs, issues and challenges facing people living with HIV) To uphold the ethos and values as outlined in the HIV and AIDS Charter, which is a founding document of the organisation


The Civil Society P13 Mar 2015
The Civil Society Principal Recipients Network (CSPRN) held its Annual Meeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from March 3-6, 2015. The CSPRN was formed in 2
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Reduction in overal02 Dec 2014
The 2014 national HIV sentinel survey report shows the overall HIV prevalence in the country declined from 18.2 percent to 16.9 percent.The sentinel report cov
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